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Planning Structure

Preparation for the upcoming fall semester involves the entire campus.

Extensive planning for the 2021-22 academic year is continuing across campus. It will be a unique semester with new challenges, requiring flexibility and ingenuity. Divisions and departments are preparing their specific operations within the context of the broader University plans. At the University-wide level, these plans are checked and meshed with other planning to ensure strong coordination and efficiency. 

All planning is guided by HSU’s mission, curricular focus on hands-on learning, unique circumstances, and specific guidance provided by local health officials. Humboldt State will offer a full Fall semester of courses taught through a mix of in-person and virtual formats. Students will live on and near campus, with modifications made on campus to support their health and safety. There will be student support and engagement offered in-person and online.

As a campus community, we will be resilient, creative, and resourceful. And we will continue offering students a positive, meaningful educational experience.

  • Focus on the health and safety of our campus community, working in close coordination with local health officials and community partners.
  • Provide a full Fall semester of courses, with a mix of face-to-face instruction and virtual instruction. Adapt in order to offer in-person experiences for HSU’s high percentage of courses with labs, activities, or field-based activities. Ensure flexible options for participation.
  • Provide students with a positive and meaningful learning experience, including in-person and virtual support, student services, health and wellness, and engagement opportunities.
  • Repopulate the campus in a careful and responsible manner, while maintaining overall low density of less than 30 percent of a typical semester.

Four campus groups are tasked with research, planning, decision making, and executing plans related to the 2021-22 year: 

The President’s Administrative Team (PAT) is responsible for overall leadership, strategy and decision-making, including setting priorities.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) responds during crises and is made up of dozens of members from every campus division. It consists of Command, Operations, Planning, Finance, Logistics, and Policy Management teams. The EOC makes recommendations to the President’s Administrative Team.

The Advanced Planning Team is a subgroup of the EOC and can be tasked to look to future situations and solutions and provide recommendations to the EOC.

The Focused Instructional Transition Team (FITT) is another subgroup of the EOC and can be tasked to support academics, and provide recommendations to the EOC.

Campus-wide groups responsible for general strategy and coordination include:

President’s Administrative Team

The PAT includes the President, divisional Vice Presidents, Chief of Staff, and Athletic Director. The group is responsible for overall leadership and strategy for the University, including setting overall priorities for the Fall semester.


    • President, Tom Jackson, Jr.
    • Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jenn Capps
    • Vice President for Enrollment Management, Jason Meriwether
    • Vice President for Administration & Finance, Shahrooz Roohparvar
    • Vice President for University Advancement, Frank Whitlatch
    • Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Cooper Jones
    • Chief of Staff, Sherie Cornish Gordon
    • Deputy Chief of Staff & Special Assistant to the President, Lisa Bond-Maupin

                  Advanced Planning Team

                  This team is responsible for developing operations plans, policies, and strategies for work across campus. It also serves to coordinate related work occurring across campus, and for identifying important gaps or inconsistencies.


                  • Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, Simone Aloisio
                  • Director of ITS Applications & Information Security, Josh Callahan
                  • Head Athletic Trainer, Shannon Childs
                  • Chief of Staff, Sherie Cornish Gordon
                  • Director of Facilities Planning & Sustainability, Michael Fisher
                  • Director of Marketing, Kristen Gould 
                  • Director of Center for Teaching & Learning, Enoch Hale
                  • Employee Relations and Compliance Manager, Scott Kasper
                  • Senior Director of Housing & Residence Life, Donyet King
                  • Director of Risk Management & Safety Services and Emergency Management Coordinator, Cris Jones Koczera
                  • Director of Housing Operations, Todd Larsen
                      • Chief of Police, Anthony Morgan
                      • Director of Admissions, Pedro Martinez
                      • Campus Events Coordinator, Kaitlin O'Brien
                      • Interim Executive Director of Student Health & Wellbeing Services, Jen Sanford
                      • Communications Specialist, Grant Scott-Goforth
                      • Director of Student Activities Center, Wendy Sotomayor
                      • Associate Vice President of Student Success, Stephen St. Onge
                      • Director of Academic & Career Advising Center, Kathy Thornhill
                      • Dean of Students, Eboni Turnbow
                      • Assistant Dean of Students, Roger Wang
                      • Director of Facilities Operations, Liz Whitchurch
                      • Director of News & Information, Aileen Yoo 
                      • Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, Sabrina Zink

                                  Focused Instructional Transition Team (FITT)

                                  This team is focused on both in-person and virtual needs related to instruction in the upcoming semester. It is working to support the teaching and learning aspects of this, the necessary staffing support, as well as the space and other related operational needs.


                                  • Co-Chair: Vice Provost, Mary Oling-Sisay 
                                  • Co-Chair: Director of Facilities Planning & Sustainability, Michael Fisher
                                  • Director of Academic Resources, Holly Martel
                                  • Academic Scheduler, Bella Gray
                                  • Director of Facilities Operations, Liz Whitchurch
                                  • Design Architect, Kassidy Banducci
                                  • Director of Risk Management & Safety, Kim Comet
                                  • Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, Sabrina Zink
                                  • Director of ITS Applications & Information Security, Josh Callahan
                                  • CAHSS college representative, Heather Madar
                                  • CPS college representative, Lindsay Righter
                                  • CNRS college representative, Anthony Baker 

                                  Emergency Operations Center

                                  The EOC includes individuals from across campus organized into a legally mandated structure used by government organizations nationwide. It is responsible for immediate and ongoing campus response to emergencies and crises.

                                  Command Section

                                  • EOC Director, Sherie Cornish Gordon
                                  • EOC Director Alternate, Frank Whitlatch
                                  • EOC Director 2nd Alternate, Scott G. Vanscoy
                                  • Public Information Officer, Frank Whitlatch
                                  • PIO Alternate, Aileen Yoo
                                  • PIO 2nd Alternate, Grant Scott-Goforth
                                  • PIO 3rd Alternate, Mike Dronkers
                                  • Safety Officer Alternate, Sabrina Zink
                                  • Safety Officer 2nd Alternate, Scott Kasper
                                  • Liaison Officer, Kim Comet
                                  • EOC Coordinator, Cris Jones Koczera
                                  • EOC Coordinator Alternate, Kim Comet
                                  • Scribe, Michelle Anderson
                                  • Scribe Alternate, Mary Watson
                                  • Scribe Alternate, Jeanne Riecke
                                  • External Liaison, Ruth Sturtevant
                                  • Alternate External Liaison, Morgan King

                                  Operations Section

                                  • Operations Section Chief, Scott G. Vanscoy
                                  • Ops Section Chief Alternate, Josh Callahan
                                  • UPD, John Rodriguez
                                  • UPD Alternate, John Packer
                                  • UPD 2nd Alternate, Zan Mendonca
                                  • HazMat/Enviro. H&S, Sabrina Zink
                                  • Facilities, TC Comet
                                  • Facilities Alternate, Travis Fleming
                                  • Facilities 2nd Alternate, Raymond Robinson
                                  • Housing, Steve St. Onge
                                  • Housing Alternate, Todd Larsen
                                  • Housing 2nd Alternate, Donyet King
                                  • Health Center, Steve St. Onge
                                  • Health Center Alternate, Jennifer Slye-Moore
                                  • Health Center Alternate, Mira Friedman
                                  • Counseling Services, Jennifer Sanford
                                  • IT Services, Bethany Rizzardi
                                  • IT Services Alternate, Josh Callahan
                                  • IT Services 2nd Alternate, Cade Webb
                                  • IT Servies 3rd Alternate, Tim Kohberger

                                  Planning Section

                                  • Planning Section Chief, Michael Fisher
                                  • Planning Chief Alternate, Liz Whitchurch
                                  • Planning Chief 2nd Alternate, Josh Callahan
                                  • Resource, Dave Woods
                                  • Resource Alternate, Trella Chun-Ming
                                  • Situation, Liz Whitchurch
                                  • Situation Alternate, Kelly Kime
                                  • Situation 2nd Alternate, Jenessa Lund
                                  • Demobilization, Brett Boothroyd
                                  • Recovery Branch Lead, David Montoya
                                  • Alternate Recovery Branch Lead, Holly Martel
                                  • Student Affairs, Roger Wang
                                  • Alternate Student Affairs, Eboni Turnbow
                                  • Academic Affairs, Holly Martel
                                  • Alternate Academic Affairs, Mary Oling-Sisay

                                  Logistics Section

                                  • Logistics Section Chief, Brigid Wall
                                  • Logistics Chief Alternate, Dave Woods
                                  • Logs Chief 2nd Alternate, Sandy Wieckowski
                                  • Logs Chief 3rd Alternate, Tawny Fleming
                                  • Supply/Personnel, Tawny Fleming
                                  • S/P 2nd Alternate, Jennifer Cleveland
                                  • Communications, Brett Rose
                                  • Food, Todd Larsen
                                  • Food Alternate, Ruth Sturtevant

                                  Finance Section

                                  • Finance Section Chief, Douglas Edgmon
                                  • Finance Chief Alternate, Amber Blakeslee
                                  • Finance Chief 2nd Alternate, Lynn Sandstrom
                                  • Finance Chief 3rd Alternate, Sandy Wieckowski
                                  • Procurement, Tawny Fleming
                                  • Procurement Alternate, Dave Woods
                                  • Procurement 2nd Alternate, Gail Dungan
                                  • Cost, Patrick Orona
                                  • Cost Alternate, Amanda Parker
                                  • Cost 2nd Alternate, Kelly Muth
                                  • Time, Patty Ambrosini
                                  • Time Alternate, Shelley Cook
                                  • Time 2nd Alternate, Cameron Shively
                                  • Compensation/Claims, Ariel Aaron

                                  Policy Management Group

                                  • President, Tom Jackson, Jr.
                                  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Jenn Capps
                                  • Chief of Staff and Interim Vice President for Administration & Finance, Sherie Cornish Gordon
                                  • Vice President for Enrollment Management, Jason Meriwether
                                  • Vice President for University Advancement, Frank Whitlatch
                                  • Director of Athletics, Jane Teixeira
                                  • Interim Chief of Staff, Lisa Bond-Maupin
                                  • Assistant to the President, Paula Petersen