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Competition is suspended this fall for all sports within the CCAA Athletics Conference, of which HSU is a part. Student-athletes will begin to return to campus during the summer for limited training and preparation.

July 9, 2020

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Intercollegiate sports competition has been suspended for the Fall semester. 
  • A limited number of student-athletes may voluntarily return to campus this fall to train with proper safety conditions

Humboldt State University’s athletics conference—the California Collegiate Athletic Association—suspended Fall sports competition. Athletics has evaluated ways to have a limited number of student-athletes voluntarily return to campus. Student-athletes will be under strict supervision and strict limitations as they navigate through athletic facilities, receive proper medical treatment, and return to permissible practice/workout routines.

Government (national/state), NCAA and other national/regional/local agency/organizational recommendations and guidelines for re-socialization were considered in creating these policies and procedures, allowing HSU to promote public health and safety. Athletics is working within the guidelines set forth in the state of California and Humboldt County’s resocialization plans. 

Please be mindful that these procedures extend beyond the current threat imposed by COVID-19 and focus on an overall approach to proper management of all illnesses, viruses, and infectious diseases that impact our population. The goal of our policy is to:

  • Ensure a safe return, re-engagement and transition of student-athletes, coaches, and staff to campus for retention purposes, progress toward degree, training and competition
    • Health assessment (pre-participation screening and evaluation) will be provided to student-athletes.
  • Improve overall hygiene practices and utilize all resources available to mitigate the contraction and spread of common illnesses and communicable disease
    • Should the community standards allow for physical activities to occur, and if campus facilities are then usable, personal protective equipment (PPE) and training for athletic trainers and custodial staff, including donning and doffing procedures, will be provided and established
  • Ensure that coaches and staff are assessed, equipped, and educated on proper protocols and that communication procedures are in place to provide a smooth transition back to activity
    • Coaches will support the advising, admissions recruitment, and support of student athletes may also be tasked with supporting any “closed” activities should those be available in accordance with the HCPH. Coaches, like lab faculty, are expected to adhere to all university and HCPH policies and guidelines
  • Minimize time on campus to help maintain low density population

HSU will support student scholarships and continue philanthropic efforts in support of all student scholarships.

It is important to note that this policy will not be enacted should there be a governmental directive that would preclude socialization. Furthermore, these policies and procedures are “evolving” as new data becomes available and thus will be adjusted/modified as necessary to ensure the safety of not only our student-athletes, but our coaches, staff, and campus community.