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Office Phone Communication Guidelines

Humboldt State University is working to ensure our students, employees, and the community can access the assistance they need in a timely manner. This requires consistent use of phone and email systems, as described below. 

With a virtual campus operation, HSU staff should check their office phone voicemail at least once an hour, and more frequently if needed, during normal University business hours. Please be sure to respond to all incoming calls within 24-48 hours. To check your voicemails:

    • Dial 826-6999

    • Press "#"

    • Enter mailbox number (your extension number)

    • Press "#"

    • Enter your security code

    • Follow the prompts to listen to your voicemails

    • Update your voicemail message to reflect the current situation. Following is a suggested message:

“Hello, you have reached (name) at (department name) at Humboldt State University.  Your call is important to us.

Due to campus shifting to virtual operations, I am telecommuting and cannot take your call at this time. You may leave a voicemail or you may email me directly at (employee’s email account) or (departments/office email account). We will return your call at our earliest opportunity. Please be sure to provide your phone number and email address.

Please visit HSU’s website at for information related to COVID-19. Thank you and be well.”

  •  Over the coming weeks, the University will be migrating office phones to a voicemail-to-email system. This will automatically forward any voicemails you receive to your campus email. HSU Key Advisors will serve as a critical support team coordinating with ITS throughout this process. This may take some time to implement. Until your department is set up with voicemail-to-email, please continue to monitor your voicemail using the steps outlined above.

  • Be sure to delete old voicemail messages. Each phone line only has capacity for 25 voicemails.

  • A limited number of critical phone lines will be forwarded to laptops of department representatives to help ensure calls are answered live during business hours. HSU will be communicating with each department’s Key Advisor to identify staff responsible for answering the phone lines.

If you have questions regarding this, please contact your department’s Key Advisor. Find your Key Advisor at this website.

For more information visit the HSU Working from Home website. Thank you for your commitment to serving our students, colleagues and community!