Most HSU Employees to Continue Telecommuting

June 3, 2020 - 1:52pm

As Humboldt State University continues to plan for summer operations and the Fall semester, it has become clear that the number of faculty and staff working on campus will continue to be limited for the safety of the campus community. 

With a goal of keeping campus density low in the fall, most employees will need to continue telecommuting. Likely fewer than 30 percent of employees will return to work on campus. In many cases, employees will work most of the time telecommuting with limited hours physically on campus.

The Advanced Planning team within HSU’s Emergency Operations Center is developing guidelines for determining which employees will be asked to work on campus, and for how many hours each week. The group is also developing additional guidance for employees who will continue to telecommute.

During summer and continuing into the school year, numerous modifications will be made on campus to create and maintain a safe working and learning environment during the pandemic.

HSU has submitted to the CSU a proposal for limited face-to-face instruction this fall, and is expecting a decision in coming weeks. This proposal includes the effort to limit the density of people on campus at any one time.

If the proposal is accepted, HSU will continue an extensive planning process this summer and continue implementation into the Fall. This planning process will involve units across campus and consultation with faculty, staff, students, local health officials, community leaders, the general public, and others. During this process, the University will determine which services will need to re-open on campus and when.

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