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HSU Guidelines on Large Events

Humboldt State University acknowledges its important role in the North Coast in bringing thought-leaders, visitors, artists, musicians, and entertainers to campus and the local community. In an effort to mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19, HSU continues to assess the impact of hosting large events on campus.

There is no one response that works for all events. HSU understands that each event is different.

HSU leadership, consistent with CSU guidelines and guidance from local health officials, continues to assess events and their relationship to HSU’s core mission. This ongoing assessment looks at event outcomes and whether postponement or other alternative modalities (such as virtual) can be used, participants’ ability to travel, participants’ relationship to high-risk areas or populations, local health standards, size of the event, fiscal and opportunity costs related to the event, and any other unique campus contexts that warrant consideration.

Subject to change, effective Saturday, March 14 until Friday, April 17 all on-campus large events (greater than 150 attendees) are suspended. Event planners will be asked to cancel, postpone, or use an alternative modality (virtual). Events after April 17 will continue to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with additional information and campus decisions made as more information becomes available. 

All HSU-sponsored athletic events are scheduled to continue. However, based on strong guidance from CCAA, events will now be “fan-less,” meaning there should be no fans at the events and only essential personnel are permitted for the event.

The campus continues to assess the most appropriate guidelines for smaller events, and will communicate new guidelines when available.

This is a difficult decision, but the University asks the community and event planners to support these efforts in trying to reduce the spread of COVID-19.