COVID-19 Exposure Dashboard Available

September 15, 2022 - 1:28pm

Cal Poly Humboldt is now using a dashboard system to inform the campus of all positive cases, which employees will be expected to review to determine if they have been in a shared workspace with a positive case. Union representatives are also expected to use this dashboard as their means of determining if union members have had potential exposures.

link to the dashboard can be found on the Campus Ready homepage.

The University will no longer be sending exposure notifications to specific individuals or union representatives. If you test positive, you are expected to notify all employees that you have been in close contact with while at work (15 minutes or more in a shared indoor airspace). 

Humboldt County Public Health has discontinued contact tracing and is encouraging other entities to do the same, to save their resources for settings where there are people at higher risk for mortality. 

Quarantine is no longer required after exposure. Instead, people should continue to monitor for symptoms, and quarantine immediately should they develop, and then test. All people who are in a shared airspace with a positive person are considered to have had direct contact. It has become evident that droplets tend to migrate farther than 6 feet and can accumulate in spaces. 

On the dashboard, worksites where positive cases have been present will be identified along with the dates in which they were present in that space. This also includes face-to-face courses, which will include a class time for distinction between sections. If there is no listed timeframe, the location was a building or other room, not a classroom. People need to self-identify if they were in those spaces during the infectious period and self-determine whether they’ve had an exposure.

If you test positive, you are expected to notify all employees that you have been in close contact with while on campus  (15 minutes or more in a shared indoor airspace). 


What to Do if You are Exposed to COVID-19

Regardless of vaccination status, if you have direct contact (15 minutes or more in a shared indoor airspace) with a person who tests positive for COVID-19, you may come to work if you take the following precautions:

  • Wear a well-fitting mask (N95 or KN95) anytime you are around others inside your home or indoors at work/in public for 10 days using the date of the last exposure as day 0.
  • Monitor for symptoms and practice social distancing.
  • Test on day 5 and again 48 hrs later—you must have two negative tests within 48 hrs.
  • If symptoms develop before day 5, immediately quarantine and test.
  • For high-risk exposures, such as a spouse or child testing positive are more likely to result in infection, working from home for 5 days until testing (if operationally feasible) is recommended, though not required. 


What to do if you Test Positive

Anyone who tests positive should complete this form as soon as they receive their test result.

  • Stay home for at least 5 days, using the day of positive test as day 0 (you may also use the first full day symptoms became the most severe as day 0).
  • Isolation can end after day 5 (no earlier than day 6) if symptoms are not present or are resolving and you have a negative antigen test result on or after day 5.
  • If unable to test or choosing not to test, and symptoms are not present or are resolving, isolation can end after day 10.
  • If fever is present, isolation should be continued until fever resolves.
  • If symptoms, including fever, are not resolving, continue to isolate until symptoms are resolving or until after day 10.
  • Wear a well-fitting mask (N95 or KN95) around others for a total of 10 days, especially in indoor settings (see section below on masking for additional information).


See testing hours and locations.

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