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September 10, 2021 - 12:03pm

In this message: Today is the Last Day to be Vaccination Compliant; What to Expect Fall 2021; Testing Positive for COVID-19; Update on COVID-19 Related Leave Programs; Get COVID-19 Exposure Alerts Via CA Notify; COVID-19 Safety Course Required for Repopulation; CSU Vaccination Policy and FAQ


Today is the Last Day to be Vaccination Compliant

All students, faculty, and staff must complete their vaccination self-certification no later than the end of day today, September 10. Regardless of whether you will be accessing campus facilities or not, you must submit vaccination information or attest that you’ve qualified for an exemption. Learn how to complete your attestation.


What to Expect for Fall 2021

Like last Fall, stringent health and safety protocols remain in place at Humboldt State University, including mandatory vaccinations for students, staff, and faculty, plus universal masking and virtual instruction for the first two weeks of the semester followed by limited in-person classes. 

What to Expect for Fall 2021 Part 1

What to Expect for Fall 2021 Part 2


Testing Positive for COVID-19 

Employees are reminded that if you test positive, you need to notify your supervisor OR David Hickcox ( immediately in order to isolate you and conduct contact tracing in a timely manner. It’s also critical to follow vaccination and testing protocols. Falling out of compliance with these protocols may be in violation of campus and county policies and could lead to possible disciplinary action.

Update on COVID-19 Related Leave Programs

A summary of current options is available to employees (including student employees) who need to take leave for COVID-19 related reasons. Please note that faculty are now eligible for 128 hours under the Expanded COVID-19 Related Leave Program.

Get COVID-19 Exposure Alerts Via CA Notify

CA Notify is a free exposure notification system for smartphones, implemented by the California Department of Public Health, to alert you if you've been exposed to COVID-19. CA Notify is easy to use, private, secure, and 100% voluntary. It's available for both iPhone and Android phones. CA Notify helps keep communities safe from COVID-19 by alerting people if they need to get tested or stay home. Learn more about CA Notify. 


COVID-19 Safety Course Required for Repopulation

The updated COVID-19 safety course is now live and can be accessed here.

Anyone working in campus facilities must take the training prior to returning to work—even if they took the old version. The course should only take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.


CSU Vaccination Policy and FAQ

You can read Frequently Asked Questions about the vaccine policy here. 

And the full policy is available to view on the CSU website. 




To keep the campus community informed, Humboldt State University will regularly send this e-newsletter with recent updates about HSU’s Fall semester, Spring semester, and highlights of important current or new guidelines. 

This information reflects the ongoing work and decision making of the Emergency Operations Center, Focused Instructional Transition Team, Advanced Planning Team, and the President’s Administrative Team—the groups tasked with creating guidelines and procedures for campus operations during the pandemic. Find comprehensive information about pandemic planning, preparedness, and operations at the HSU Campus Ready Website.

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