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California State University Update on Coronavirus-Related Actions

NOTE: The following was sent by the CSU on March 10. 

​​With the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to spread as more cases are identified throughout California, the California State University Office of the Chancellor has provided additional guidance to its 23 campuses. To date, there have been no confirmed cases of the coronavirus on any CSU campuses.

​Guidance on Alteration of Operations or Campus Closures

In an effort to protect the health of students, employees and visitors to CSU campuses in the event of widespread transmission of infectious disease, it might become necessary for campus leadership to consider temporary reduction or alteration to campus operations or campus closure.

In this event, to minimize disruption and progress to degree for students, campus leadership should consider shifting the delivery of as much of the curriculum as possible to non-face-to-face modalities.

  • In-person instruction should cease for two-to-four days while faculty and administration focus on the final details of converting to non-in-person instructional modalities. Courses already being delivered in an online format or other non-in-person manner should continue without disruption.
  • Employees will continue to come to campus to maintain operations and support the academic enterprise.

​Guidance on Campus Events and Meetings  

The hosting of near-term events and meetings (those scheduled to occur in the next 1-2 weeks) and future events and meetings (1-2 months or further out) should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for a determination of any potential cancellation or postponement.

Several factors including alternative modalities, the necessity for air travel, susceptibility for the audience to be at increased risk for infection by COVID-19 and current guidance from local health departments should be considered.

Related to near-term meetings and event, the Chancellor's Office has encouraged campuses to cancel or reschedule events and meetings that are less essential and are not time-sensitive in nature.


Guidance on Travel

On March 9, the Chancellor's Office advised campuses and associated auxiliary organizations to immediately suspend all international and non-essential domestic travel from that date through May 31, 2020. ​​​


​Guidance for Study Abroad  

Campuses should help students remain abroad if, based on the most current information available, it is deemed to be a safer course of action. Campuses should provide any students studying in countries that have reached State Department Travel Advisory, Level 3 or CDC Level 3 Travel Health Notice status with the option to remain or to return with as much assistance as possible.

The health and safety of all members of the CSU community is always the university's foremost priority. All campuses have pandemic plans as well as continuity of business operations plans to utilize in the event of communicable disease outbreak in their respective regions. Please visit the CSU's informational website about the coronavirus for additional information or for the latest campus-specific updates.​