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Working from Home & Campus

Humboldt State University is working to maintain as much flexibility as possible for employees, while keeping their health and safety in mind during the pandemic. 

July 29, 2021

Here’s what you need to know:

  • HSU employees will continue to telework, with the exception of essential personnel and faculty approved to teach in-person courses or engaged in certain research and creative activities.
  • The University will be repopulated based on a set of criteria. While most employees will continue to work remotely, others will return to work on campus in order to support essential academic and business operations.
  • Multiple leave options are available to help employees who are affected by the pandemic.
  • Student employees should continue to perform the work for which they were appointed (or similar work) and at their appointed time base.

Faculty and staff who are able to complete their work via telework arrangements will continue to do so, with the exception of faculty approved to teach in-person courses or engaged in certain research and creative activities, as well as staff who are performing essential work that can only be performed onsite.

Employees who have concerns about returning to campus and/or identify a need for a medical or disability accommodation should first notify their Appropriate Administrator and contact Scott Kasper at scott.kasper@humboldt.edu or call (707) 826-5176 to request reasonable accommodations before returning to campus.

Any return to on-campus work for faculty this summer, such as for the purpose of critical research and creative activities, will continue to be voluntary, and will require additional approval by academic and campus leadership.

Benefits and Leave

ADA/FEHA COVID-19 Disability Accommodation CertificationThis request form should be utilized for COVID related disability accommodations. Employee/applicant shall contact the treating health care provider to complete this form. Employee/ applicant should return the completed form to ADA coordinator at HSU-HR.

Life and ADD Insurance and Retirement: Beneficiary updates must be made directly with the provider. For Life and AD&D insurance, call The Standard Insurance Company at (800) 378-5745. For CalPERS, log in to my.calpers.ca.gov or call (888) 225-7377.

Leave Options: All CSU and federally funded COVID leave options expire December 31, 2021. Visit the HR Leave & Disability  web page for information regarding available leaves. 

Contact Ariel Aaron at ariel.aaron@humboldt.edu in Benefits in HR for any questions regarding leave types.

If you work for an Auxiliary (Sponsored Programs Foundation or, University Center, and Associated Students) and have any questions regarding leave options, please contact your appropriate administrator or your administrative office.

Unemployment Insurance: Individuals who want to learn more about filing for unemployment insurance should visit the EDD website.

Concerns about Exposure to COVID-19

Employees who contract COVID-19: Employees should immediately contact their health care provider and health officials and are not to report to campus if working on site. Such employees may use their available leave credits including the 256 hours of COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave to cover their period of absence. These employees may also apply for catastrophic leave, NDI, and FMLA at a future time. Employees should not return to work until they have received certification, from their health care provider, that it is okay to return.

Employees concerned about COVID-19 exposure: Employees who show no signs of illness but are concerned about previous exposure (and that exposure is unconfirmed) should speak with their appropriate administrator to discuss telecommuting. Such employees may use their available leave credits including the 256 hours of COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave to cover their period of absence when telecommuting is not an option.

Caring for a family member in self-quarantine: Employees who show no signs of illness, but report the need to care for a family member at home who is in self-quarantine should seek the advice from their healthcare provider and local health officials. Such employees may use their available leave credits include the 256 hours of COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave when telecommuting is not possible.

Caring for a family member diagnosed with COVID-19: Employees who show no signs of illness, but need to care for a family member at home who is diagnosed with COVID-19, may use their available leave credits including the 256 hours of COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave to cover their period of absence when telecommuting is not an option. If the family member is someone the employee would typically be able to use sick leave for, then the employee may also be eligible for catastrophic leave, NDI, and FMLA at a future time.

Insurance: Your insurance may provide no-cost services for testing and treatment. The following information is subject to change. Check your insurance company’s website for the most current information.

Anthem (Pers Choice, Pers Select, Pers Care, Traditional HMO): All cost-sharing for screening and testing, including hospital/emergency room, urgent care, and provider office visits for the purpose of screening and/or testing for COVID-19 is being waived. You also have access to no-cost online doctor visits using LiveHealth Online.

Additional special resources for Anthem members can be found at the Anthem COVID-19 website.

Blue Shield of California: The costs of COVID-19 tests recommended by a doctor will be covered and out-of-pocket costs (copays, coinsurance, and deductibles) will be waived for:

  • Doctor visits for screenings

  • Emergency room (ER) or hospital visits for screenings

  • Urgent care visits for screening

  • Via NurseHelp 24/7 you can talk with a registered nurse anytime at no additional cost.

Essential Personnel & Repopulation Plan

The University will be repopulated based on a set of criteria. While employees may continue to work remotely, most will return to work on campus in order to support essential academic and business operations.

To ensure the campus community remains healthy and safe, the University has identified which employees will return to campus—a process that involved extensive reviews and approvals from multiple units and based on stringent health and safety standards.

In the absence of reasonable safety or legal reasons, employees must follow the directives of their Appropriate Administrators or they will be considered to be insubordinate. Insubordination may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


Hourly intermittent employees: These employees will only be paid for time worked and are not eligible for COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave. Intermittent hourly employees who are unable to return to work either in person or remotely will not be paid.

Mailing paychecks: For those who are unable to come to campus on check distribution days, the University can mail state paychecks to intended recipients.

Email hsu-cash@humboldt.edu if you would like your paycheck mailed to you. Include your mailing address in the email and we will verify that against the current address on record in your PeopleSoft Human Resources account.

Direct deposit (enrollment): Employees who wish to enroll in the program must complete form STD 699, Direct Deposit Authorization Form, which should include the following banking information:

  • Type of Account (checking or savings)

  • Routing Number (9-digit bank transit number normally located in the bottom left corner of your check)

  • Depositor Account Number

To ensure that the information is accurately entered on the form, you may verify the above information with your financial institution prior to submitting the form to the Payroll Department. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, please contact Patty Ambrosini at paa7001@humboldt.edu regarding delivery of the form.

Your personnel/payroll office will verify your form for completeness and send it to the State Controller's Office (SCO) for processing. Once the SCO verifies that you have an active account at your designated financial institution, all payments you receive through the payroll system (e.g., regular pay, overtime, adjustments, etc.) will be made by direct deposit. Be advised, it will take 30 to 45 days for this process.

W-2s and paycheck stubs: As a California State University (CSU) employee, your pay check/direct deposit advice and annual W-2 are issued (hard copy) by the State Controller’s Office (SCO). These hard copy documents have been the only means made available to you by the SCO as a record of your earnings, until now.

Humboldt State employees now have the opportunity to access their earnings statements and W-2’s, along with personal information through Cal Employee Connect.

  1. Have a recent paper pay stub in hand. It has information you will need that is not available from Payroll; you must be a state-side employee.

  2. Go to Cal Employee Connect Select Register.

  3. Follow the prompts with these helpful tips:

  • Select the Department "CSU - Humboldt"

  • Enter the Agency Code "225"

  • Enter the Earnings Statement Number of the pay stub from Step 1. If using the View Paycheck  feature in myHR, this number is referred to as the Warrant #. You will need to enter this number with a leading zero and in the format shown in CEC

  • Enter the Total Deductions on the pay stub from Step 1. If using the View Paycheck feature in myHR add “Total Taxes” and “Total Deductions” together to get the deduction total needed for the verification

Once registered, log in to view and print your earnings statements/paychecks and W-2 information for the current tax year and last two tax years.

Recruitment / Hiring / On-Boarding

Hiring: COVID-19 has impacted the availability of candidates as well as the employees serving on search committees. As such, Committee Chairs should reach out to their appropriate Vice President to determine whether specific recruitments are moving forward or are suspended.

Hiring Student Employees: The process of hiring new student employees for Fall 2020 has been streamlined. All new student employee hirings previously required additional Vice President approval for both budgetary and COVID-19 campus population oversight. Approval from Vice Presidents is no longer necessary and new student hiring may proceed without this additional step. Departments should post open student positions on HSU Handshake.

The process of hiring student assistants may be found on the Student Assistant Sign-up Page

For students who work remotely: Students are expected to fill out the temporary telecommute agreement form by logging into Adobe Sign using their HSU Google Account. Most students should work remotely.

For students who work on campus:

  1. Supervisors are expected to complete the Supervisor Checklist for each student employee working on campus. Based on the Supervisor Checklist you may be requested to complete a Job Hazard Analysis Form (JHA) as well. EHS will notify the supervisor if a JHA is necessary.

  2. Students working on campus are expected to take the COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines Course

Background checks: Background checks ordered through Accurate are being processed, but they are contingent upon the status of the verifying agency. Some background checks have been cancelled due to COVID-19 related agency closures. Please note that despite these cancellations, per the CSU Background Check Policy, background checks should still be completed prior to an appointment being finalized and the candidate beginning work in the new position.

Background checks requiring live scan services can be completed on-campus through the University Police Department by appointment only. Please see the University Police Department Live Scan Fingerprinting website for further instructions and to schedule an appointment.

Please contact Background Check Coordinator Nicole Log at nicole.log@humboldt.edu if there are additional questions about completing a background check or live scan.

Hiring paperwork: Human Resources has moved to virtual operations. HR employees are available from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer all your questions via phone or email. You can make a virtual appointment with us by emailing hsuhr@humboldt.edu. Please find contact information for all HR employees, and their areas of expertise, by visiting the Human Resources Staff Directory.

Recruiting staff/MPP: The guiding principle for completing recruitments is to provide a fair and equitable search process for all applicants.

  • For searches deemed essential: All interviews should be conducted virtually. Search committees should develop an online strategy for virtual interviews (e.g. Zoom) that are reasonably similar to an in-person interview for each candidate, while retaining the elements most important to assessing each candidate’s ability to succeed on campus and meeting the stated requirements of the position. If the committee is not confident that these goals  can be accomplished, the search committee should discuss with the Hiring Authority and consider extending the search. 

*For information regarding current faculty recruitments, contact Academic Personnel Services at aps@humboldt.edu.


Incidental costs: You will be solely responsible for the configuration of and all of the expenses associated with your telecommuting workspace and all services. This includes ensuring and maintaining an ergonomically appropriate and safe telecommuting worksite. If you do not have internet service at your home already, please email help@humboldt.edu to request a hotspot.

Time Reporting

Absence management reporting

  • Employees should use Peoplesoft self-service to record their time worked or absences as normal. The system may be accessed through any computer or mobile app with internet capability. Additionally, an employee’s manager has the authority and ability to enter the employee’s time.

  • For appointed staff utilizing COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave please enter time used by selecting CPAL/FFCRA from the drop down. Then in the comments you MUST add type the following, depending on the type of leave you are using:

    • CPAL–Coronavirus Paid Admin Leave

    • CSIC–Paid Sick Leave under Family First Coronavirus Response Act

    • CFML–Expanded Family Medical Leave under Family First Coronavirus Response Act

This will also need to be followed up with the request form. When using the "new" CPAL/FFCRA leave type in Self Service, there's a warning message which states that "use of this leave type requires certification." The message is just a warning; if employees click "OK", they can still submit the leave.

Timesheets (student and intermittent hourly employees): These employees should report their time to department coordinators, who will submit their hours worked to the payroll department per the instructions on our website.

Student Employees

Student employees should work closely with their appropriate administrator to determine their responsibilities while telecommuting.

Reporting for work

Work hours:

  • Student employees may work up to 20 hours per week during school sessions without negatively impacting their financial aid. Contact your appropriate administrator with questions regarding your schedule.

Training & Professional Development

COVID-19-related training: All employees are expected to take HSU’s COVID-19 social distancing guidelines training. Please note that additional training may be forthcoming from the Chancellor’s Office.

Training while working remotely: Employees are allowed to complete any/all required online training as well as other developmental online learning during this time period in which they are working remotely. Employees should communicate with their Appropriate Administrator or immediate supervisor prior to completing non-mandatory online learning. Visit the HSU Training website to find a variety of online learning opportunities.

Working from Home/Campus

Who needs to work on campus: Employees who are essential to maintaining critical services on campus must report to campus as required by their appropriate administrator. This limited number of employees will be on campus to ensure business continuity of the critical services. All staff whose work is not essential to maintaining business continuity on campus should telecommute until further notice.

Health and safety: Strategies will be implemented to protect the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff. These measures will be consistent with State, California State University system, and local public health guidelines. For details, read the Health & Safety Guide.

Based on guidance from the California State University system, faculty and staff who are 65+ years old or who have underlying medical conditions that make them vulnerable to COVID-19 are allowed to work on campus. Please visit the Center for Disease Control website for more information regarding underlying health conditions.

Who can telecommute: All staff not identified as essential for critical functions on campus should telecommute given the order from the Governor for all California residents to shelter in place. If you have any questions about telecommuting, please contact your appropriate administrator. The ITS website has multiple resources for working from home.

Training: Visit the Training website for online courses and other resources to help you work successfully with your virtual team and maintain your well-being.

With the exception of faculty members, all employees, including student employees, who are telecommuting should review and complete the Temporary Telecommuting Agreement.


Telecommuting for faculty and TAs: Faculty began telecommuting and teaching from home no later than Thursday, March 26. (Note: Faculty do not need to submit the telecommuting agreement). TAs who are an instructor of record should follow protocols similar to faculty as far as moving their courses to a virtual format. They should consult with their department chair and faculty for assistance.

HSU’s Information Technology Services and Center for Teaching & Learning have been working hard to help the campus switch to alternate modes of instruction. Please consult the Working from Home and Keep Teaching website for all of the latest information.


HSU, Sponsored Program Foundation, and Associated Students Employees

Human Resources

Email: hsuhr@humboldt.edu / Phone: (707) 826-3626 / Fax: (707) 826-3625

Faculty and Academic Student Employees (Unit 11 ISAs, GAs, and TAs)

Academic Personnel Services

Email: aps@humboldt.edu / Phone: (707) 826-5086


Email: payroll@humboldt.edu / Phone: (707) 826-4918