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Events, Activities & Meetings

Events, meetings, and gatherings are allowed to be held in person while following COVID-19 event guidelines.

November 3, 2022

Here’s what you need to know:

    • In-person campus events and meetings are allowed on campus with adherence to COVID-19 event guidelines.
    • Any visitor accessing campus events who is over the age of 12 may be asked to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (including a booster shot) or a negative test result.

      Campus Guest Vaccination Policy

      Proof of Vaccination / Negative Test Result

      All individuals over 12 years old who are not a student or employee of the University and are accessing campus facilities are required to be fully vaccinated (including a booster) or to have tested negative for COVID-19.

      All visitors to campus should be prepared to show proof of vaccination status or a negative test result from the last 72 hours to gain entry to campus facilities. Students, Staff, and Faculty should be prepared to present their Humboldt ID for entry.

      Guests will have the option of showing one of the following:

      • Humboldt ID
      • Proof of vaccination
        • Physical CDC Vaccination Card for COVID-19 or a photo/screenshot of your vaccination card

        • State of California Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record which can be obtained by going to: https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/

        • A printout from any state health department or physician's office with your vaccination information stated clearly

        • Booster Required as of Feb 28 to be considered fully vaccinated

        • Exceptions to the booster are for a second dose being less than 6 months from the date or a single dose (Johnson & Johnson) being less than 2 months from the date.

      • Proof of a negative test result
        • Any photo/screenshot that shows the date of the test result and the date the test was taken or a printout of an official email from a lab with the test results and testing date clearly printed. At-home Antigen (rapid) tests and lab PCR and Antigen tests are acceptable.

      Events, Activities, and Meetings

      Campus events, activities, and meetings have resumed in person, though some may remain virtual at the planner’s discretion. All individuals must complete a wellness self-check prior to coming to campus. Do not come to campus if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19.

      Event hosts are responsible for informing off-campus visitors and guests of vaccination and testing requirements. Here is suggested language to include in any invitations:

      Please be prepared to present a COVID-19 vaccination card with proof of initial vaccination and booster or a negative test result from the last 72 hours, if requested by Humboldt staff. We appreciate your commitment to supporting Cal Poly Humboldt in maintaining a safe environment for our students and employees. Should this requirement be a concern, please reach out to me as soon as possible.