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Class Instruction & Technology

A full semester of courses will be offered in the Fall semester. All courses will be taught in a virtual format until September 6. Some courses will be taught face-to-face beginning September 6. See the Fall 2021 face-to-face class schedule.

July 30, 2021

Here’s what you need to know:

Learning Technology Available

Need a computer or wifi access to do your classwork? Students can tell the University about their technology needs for Spring by responding to this Google Form. 


Find Classes

Students can view their own class schedules by logging into their Student Center and viewing the Academics section. 

 visual of what the class schedule looks like in student center

You will notice that some of your classes will be offered fully online while some other classes will meet on campus face-to-face beginning September 6.

  • Online synchronous classes have days and times; students are expected to be available online at the times indicated. 
  • Online asynchronous classes do not have set days or times; students can complete their coursework during more flexible time periods.
  • Face-to-face classes that show some online instruction and some physical classrooms with specific dates and times are intended to meet face-to-face on campus beginning September 8 . These classes will be conducted online during the first two weeks of the semester to allow the students to self-quarantine.
  • Classes on campus that show TBA are those that have no specific timeframes and the instructor will update you prior to the start of classes about expectations.

Additionally, students can view additional class schedule information on the Registrar’s Office Class Schedule website.

To see Fall 2021 class offerings, students can use the interactive class search tool

  • Use the following parameters to find fully online classes:
    • Expand the Additional Search Criteria section
    • From the Course Attribute dropdown menu select “Online course”
    • From the Course Attribute Value dropdown menu select ”Online only”

Example of search criteria for online only on the class search

  • Use the following parameters to find classes with face-to-face instruction:
    • Expand the Additional Search Criteria section
    • From the Course Attribute dropdown menu select “Online course”
    • From the Course Attribute Value dropdown menu select ”Hybrid”

See the full list of HSU’s face-to-face classes for Fall 2020 

search criteria page with example for how to search for hybrid classes


If You Can’t Come to Campus

If you are unable to come to campus this fall:

  • You may sign up for another, fully online class for this Fall, and take the face-to-face class in the spring or next academic year, depending on what face-to-face offerings will be available in the future. This option may work for students who are not graduating in the near future.

Please be sure to talk with your advisor regarding the choices you make.

  • Students should visit HSU’s Keep Learning website for information on: 
    • how to take care of yourself and your own health
    • how to keep up to date on technology and what online learning support resources are available
  • The Student Disability Resource Center is available to students who need special accommodations during this online instruction period.